Self-Coaching Workbook Giveaway

Hi everyone!

I am starting this new year with a hope that we all are going to have more good news, that we will be able to meet our families, we will travel again to the beautiful new places, come back to offices, and everyone will be healthy.

I also notice how staying quarantined makes us unhappy in completely new ways. If a few years ago I would dream about just staying at home for the whole week, without going to office, and work from my sofa, now this ends up to be so exhausting.

And since we all have so much time with ourselves now, why not invest it into self-development? I know what you are thinking. Yes, I haven’t introduced something new to you, you might already have read tons of books and subscribed to 10 courses to explore new skills 🙂

Then let’s say I wan to contribute and share a self-coaching work-book with you. This is one of my favorite coaching techniques that also helped me personally to shift my perception of the world to a much more optimistic and successful approach.

Today I wan to give you the framework that will help you do the same – shape your own thought model on the situations that make you feel bad.

This workbook will help you:

  • Identify when your thoughts trigger your bad emotions.
  • Help you rebuild your thought model to the specific situation and change the outcome.
  • Teach you how to catch yourself on time when next time you feel triggered by your own thoughts.

Download the workbook here and enjoy your self-coaching!

With this workbook You ARE Your Own Coach! 😉

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