Team Coaching Program: “Teaming Up Around the Team Purpose”


What Impact to Expect From This Program

Teaming up & Engagement: this program has an amazing team-building effect! After this program, the team members will be engaged in their teamwork and will align with each other on a similar understanding of the Team Purpose in your organization. 

Team Purpose & Operational Goals Alignment: during the program, we will discover how each of the roles and functions in the team contributes to the team’s purpose. Everyone in the team will have a better understanding of how they personally contribute to the success of the organization and how they together bring value to a wide range of stakeholders. 

Bonding through commitment: At the end of the program, we will have a guided peer-to-peer feedback session, which will help the team members gain valuable feedback from each other. This will also help each one on the team to identify their personal development goals towards better contribution to the team goals. In the last session of the Program, we will align the personal development goals with the business goals and the team purpose. 

Who Will Benefit From the Program

  • Any functional team and its management 
  • A team that is newly arranged
  • A team that is onboarding some amount of new team members
  • A team that needs to strengthen an engagement around the goals
  • A team that needs alignment with its stakeholders
  • Project Teams, Functional Quads 
  • Any team on its way to High Performance 

Program Agenda

  1. Inquiry Call with Team Management / Key Stakeholders (1-hour session)
  2. Initiation Session with the Team (1-hour session)
  3. Team Purpose Identification (1,5-hour session)
  4. Roles on the Team and Their Impact on the Team Purpose: Alignment Session (~3-hour session or two 1,5-hour sessions)
  5. Peer-to-peer feedback session (~3-hour session or two 1,5-hour sessions)
  6. Homework Assignment (between the sessions)
  7. Personal Commitments and Team Action Planning: aligning our operational goals with the Team purpose (~3-hour session or two 1,5-hour sessions)
  8. Follow-up Session with the Team (1-3 months after the Program)
  9. Follow-up Session with the Management (1-3 months after the Program)

Team Size

The perfect team size for engaging in and benefiting from the Systemic Team Development Coaching Program is 5 to 12 people. 

Duration of the Program (approx.)

6-8 weeks + follow-up sessions after 3 months. Depending on your schedule and needs.  

Delivery format

Virtual sessions are available worldwide. 

On-site coaching sessions are available upon request in EU countries. 

Coaching Fee

A total of about 15 coaching hours within this Program are available for you for EUR 9.000,00 + VAT fee. Each additional team coaching session upon your request can be booked for a discounted fee* of EUR 500 per hour.

*A regular fee for a team coaching session is EUR 600 per hour. 

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