Team Coaching


Everyone can deliver much more value to this world while working in teams than we ever can deliver alone.

80% of organizations are operating in teams, rather than as a group of individual contributors. Today’s world brings a lot of challenges to modern organizations. The challenges could be only dealt with successfully when each team is aligned and engaged internally and when a team is working as a united system, a team in which everyone clearly understands the purpose of their role and their goals. 

Team coaching helps create connections and generate meaning on multiple levels that the team operates on. Team coaching is a great support to the leadership team in shaping a sustainable and successful work environment.

According to David Clutterbuck, team coaching is defined as “partnering with the entire team in an ongoing relationship, for the purpose of collectively raising awareness and building better connections in the team’s internal and external systems and enhancing the team’s capability to cope with current and future challenges” [“Coaching the Team at Work. The definitive guide to team coaching”, David Clutterbuck, 2nd edition, 2020 Nicholas Brealey Publishing ].

Team Coaching is one of the most effective approaches to developing your organization’s capacity to deliver value since the coaching interaction and transformation happens not only on the individual level of each team member but on the higher organizational level of the team. 

Here are a few most common areas I have been working with my clients as a team coach:

  • Identifying the Team’s Purpose 
  • Creating an Alignment Around the Team Purpose and Goals
  • Team Initiation (for the new teams)
  • Help the team to scale up in terms of maturity
  • Strengthening an alignment between the team members
  • Improving Team Relationships and Collaboration
  • Improving overall team performance
  • Identifying the Team’s OKRs / Collaborative Bottom-to-top Goal setting

My previous experience working with teams helped me design two well-thought and tailored programs that will fit the needs of most organizations:

  1. Teaming Up Around the Team Purpose
  2. The Systemic Team Development Program
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