Coaching Program: “My Career Vision”

At some point in time, almost every one of us questions our career choices. Whether we are not satisfied with what we do today or we aim for a new specific role in the future, we face so many questions in from of us:

“I would like to do something else, but which role is truly best for me?” 

“I was dreaming about this role years ago, but now that I have it – I am not happy. What do I do?” 

“There is a career path for me in this company, but what if I am meant to do something different?” 

“In my job search, I have been applying to different roles, but I haven’t got an offer yet. I am exhausted. What do I do?”

“I have got two offers from different companies. The roles are the same, the companies offer different cultures and benefits. Which one is best for me?”

These are just a few most common examples of the questions I get from my clients. And there are so many more. I myself have been facing some of these questions through the years and know how hard it is to answer them at times. You cannot predict the future to make the choice that will consider your future needs. You don’t have quick access to feedback or an assessment of your skills, which makes it hard to validate yourself for those future dream roles. And recruiters that interview you, usually, don’t provide you with enough details on why you haven’t passed that interview you were so serious about. 

When this is exactly the time when you experience a need or wish for a career change, I have developed the program that will navigate your journey with more confidence and clarity! 

Program Overview

  1. Intro Session (1 session)
  2. Career Choice Modelling (1 session)
  3. Strength Assessment & Stakeholders’ Feedback (Homework + 1 session)
  4. Career Vision Development (1 session)
  5. Career Vision Statement & Action Plan (1 session)
  6. Follow-up session (1 session)

Coaching Fee

Get the value of 6 coaching sessions** with a 41% discount when signing in for the full program “My Career Vision”. The full program fee is EUR 420 + VAT. 

**When priced by 1 session, the career coaching hourly fee is EUR 120 + VAT. 6 sessions booked session-by-session will amount to EUR 720 + VAT. 

Start creating your Career Vision today!

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