Coaching Program: “Impactful Leader”

Become the manager who LEADs people with the API: Authority, Presence, and Impact.

Being a manager is a tough assignment: you are responsible for the team’s results and everyone expects a great business impact from you.

Being a leader, on the other hand, goes with inspiring others to do the best work in their lives and leading them in the right direction towards team results everyone will be proud of while keeping the team engaged and motivated. 

The ultimate difference between a manager and a leader, I believe, is in the distinction of your API – authority, presence, and impact. 

  • Authority (past) – my knowledge, my experience, my achievements, my skills, my strengths. 
  • Presence (present) – how I build connections with others, being in-the-moment – fully present. 
  • Impact (future) – my ability to change an agenda, influence mindsets, my ability to create shifts in business processes and behaviors of others. 

The program “Impactful Leader” will enable you to assess where you are as a leader today, listen to the feedback of your stakeholders and identify the unique action plan that will bring you to the next level of authority, presence, and impact. 

Who is this program for: 

  • Managers at any level of seniority
  • Team leaders 
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Anyone who wants to build confidence in leadership, in managing and influencing people

Program Overview:

  1. Initiation Session (1 session)
  2. Development goals assessment (1 session)
  3. Stakeholders’ Feedback + Strengths Assessment: development goals validation (Feedback Interviews with stakeholders provided by the coach + 1 session)
  4. Development Plan Identification: Authority, Presence, Impact (3 sessions)
  5. Development Support Sessions (3 sessions)
  6. Follow-up Session (1 session)

Coaching Fee

A total of 10 sessions are available for you within the “Impactful Leader Program” for a discounted fee* of EUR 1500 + VAT.

*a regular executive coaching hourly fee when paid session-by-session is EUR 200 + VAT. 

Activate your strengths and unlock an Impactful Leader within you!

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