Areas of expertise

As an experienced coach with over 7 years of experience working with executives, C-level leaders, and professionals across a wide range of expertise, I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. My areas of expertise include leadership development, career transitions, strategy development, communication, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and stress management.

I understand the business environment

With 16 years of professional experience in HR and business operations, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my coaching practice. I understand the complex ecosystem of businesses and functions and the importance of paying attention to details. My coaching style is collaborative, supportive, and directive when necessary. I work with my clients to set clear goals and create actionable plans to achieve them, while also holding them accountable along the way.

As an experienced business executive myself, I know what it takes to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment. Whether you are looking to develop your leadership skills, navigate a career transition, or overcome interpersonal conflicts, I am here to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. 

My coaching philosophy

My coaching philosophy centers on the intersection of personal and professional growth. As your coach, I am committed to helping you find your own unique path to success that aligns with your personal needs, values, and goals. I believe that true success comes from aligning our actions with our inner values and that discovering and honoring these values is crucial to achieving our goals.

Through a collaborative coaching approach, I work with my clients to uncover their goals and values, and to create actionable plans that align with both. By staying true to our inner compass, we can tap into our full potential, drive innovation, and achieve lasting success in all areas of our lives. Let’s work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals in a way that is authentic and meaningful to you.

1:1 Coaching Programs

Through the years of working with my clients, I have noticed several most common requests people in business have: “building my career” and “becoming a better manager”. With experience and a great understanding of the value, I can bring to my clients, I have created two 1-on-1 coaching programs for you.

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MY CAREER VISION [6 sessions]

Identify the unique Career Vision that will allow you to better build up and influence the career journey to Your Own Dream Job!

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Activate your strengths and transform into a manager who leads with API: Authority, Presence, and Impact.

Sometimes we just need a little guidance.

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