Olga Pochtarenko

Your Own Coach

YourOwnCoach is a project created by Olga Pochtarenko, a leadership coach and business consultant.

YouOwnCoach is aimed to help business leaders achieve their goals by unlocking new opportunities in personal growth, finding potential that will help you lead your team to results you will be proud of.

You can count on You Own Coach in:

🌿  Executive and Leadership Coaching

🌿 Team Coaching

🌿 Career Coaching

🌿 Performance Coaching

🌿 Emotional Agility Coaching

🌿 Organizational Development Consultancy

🌿 People Strategy & Practice for Startups

Personal Guide

YourOwnCoach is your personal guide, who navigates you throughout the journey to your growth and transformation.

Find Your Potential

The most powerful source of any action is already inside you. Let’s find a unique way to streamline your inner potential!

1-on-1 with yourself

This is an experience, which keeps you one-on-one with yourself and your goals.

Start your new journey with Your Own Coach today

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