Help Ukraine 🇺🇦

As a Ukrainian myself, I will continue helping Ukraine and Ukrainians until the horrific war is finished with our victory. My parents and my family are in Ukraine, my friends are in Ukraine, my colleagues are in Ukraine, and my heart and soul are there as well.

I live in the EU and I work with a wide international community of companies and clients. As a coach, I am offering “pro bono” services that are aimed to help Ukrainians in need.

Services for Ukrainians who have been displaced due to the war

If you have relocated to the EU and need help in navigating the job market, you would like to learn how how to create your CV, where to look for a job, how is best to present yourself in the interview process, and how to integrate well into an international company, I would be happy to help.

The services for Ukrainians displaced by the war:

  • Job Search Support
  • Career Coaching

Services for the EU companies who hire Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainians are well-educated people. A lot of those who had been displaced brought baggage of experience and skills. I would like to promote this and support also those managers and companies who will hire Ukrainian refugees to onboard those people well and make sure Ukrainians can integrate into international teams successfully. The services for the companies and managers:

  • 3 free sessions for a manager or a team who will hire Ukrainian refugees on the topics of onboarding and personal development planning.
  • Up to 5 coaching sessions for your new hires, who are Ukrainian refugees, to help them onboard and integrate into your team in the best way.

Book an INTRO call to discuss your needs

15-min Intro Call for Ukrainians
We will e-meet each other briefly, discuss your needs, and come up with the further plan on how I can help you in your job search or career development in the EU.

15-min Intro Call for Companies & Managers
We will e-meet briefly, discuss your business needs and plan the next sessions on how I can support you and your new hires from Ukraine.

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